The Glacial Speed of Publishing

This month I had two short stories published in online literary magazines. TWO! That’s almost double my previous publishing record. 

Of course I’d love it if you read them, and I’d love it even more if you like them. 

I’d also like to share some random information on these stories to demonstrate how freaking long it can take to get work published.


The Round Up

The Day Nothing Happened (But Everything Changed) can be found at The Round Up Writer’s Zine

I wrote this story in 2011. It was rejected from 26 literary magazines before accepted for publication.



Savage Cut can be found at Empty Sink Publishing

I wrote this story in 2002. That’s right, 12 years ago. My record keeping back then wasn’t as existing as it is now. It was rejected from at least 43 (but probably many more) magazines before accepted for publication.

At this rate I will be famous in approximately…let me see..times 7…carry the 1…divide by the square root of infinity…