The Great Wedding Present Caper

My sister Angie and her man Nathan finally got married! You may remember Angie and Nathan from our exciting adventures in Ecuador together a few years ago. They did the exotic travel thing, and then the “having a baby” thing, and then finally, Finally, they decided to go ahead and get married.

The proposal happened last fall, and around Christmas they announced the wedding would be “some time in the summer.” By my calculations, that gave me 6 to 9 months to put together a bitchin’ present.

Challenge accepted.

I had this idea. I’d recently gotten into quilting. And by that I mean that I made a very simple small blanket out of 8X8 inch squares that was all mangled because I didn’t bother to learn how to finish it correctly (for those that don’t know, attaching the front patchwork part of a quilt to the soft batting and the back is done in a really specific and finicky way, and if you don’t do it properly the whole thing looks like junk). I was practically an expert.

Who wouldn’t want a wedding quilt?

I sent squares of a plain beige material to friends and family and asked them to decorate them in some meaningful way and return them by April. That was the hardest part: getting those squares back from people was an exercise in frustration that I imagine is on par with herding cats.


But finally, by late June (JUNE!) I had 30 squares back. Now it was my turn. Time to put them all together into a quilt. No problemo.

Putting them all in their perfect place
Front Assembled
Trying to attach it to the batting without mangling the whole thing
The Finished Product
The Finished Product

Needless to say, it was a little more work than I anticipated.

The hardest part turned out being keeping it a secret. I was worried that one of my co-conspirators would spill the quilty beans, but it was me who very nearly told Angie several times.Angie: Whatcha doing?Me: Working on your qu....I mean, nothing. I'm doing nothing.

This was also my excuse for doing nothing else over the summer. Finding yoga work, writing, updating my blog, getting a stockpile of knitted good going – all that was put on hold.

I'm happy to announce that despite all of the great opportunities to ruin the surprise, Angie and Nathan made it to their wedding day having no idea.

Now, back to my regular scheduled programming. What did I used to do in my free time?


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    I read your posts awhile ago, and it absolutely just brought tears to my eyes. It was the quilts. It was the oddest thing, I was literally, right in the middle of a tragic conversation, and I was reading your post, and i got to the quilts, and just lost it. They are beautiful. :)

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