Filmmaking 101 Part 3 – A Lesson In Passion and Partnerships

Filmmaking 101 is a series of articles I’m writing for Life As A Human. Please check out the full article over there.

Open source film making with Todd HarrisIn my last article I mentioned that I wrote the short film version of Curtains for an application to a film program. That program is called Film 5, and is put on through AFCOOP, a film co-operative in Halifax, NS. They offer all sorts of great training and resources to new and established filmmakers in Nova Scotia. Film 5 is for emerging filmmakers. You apply with a script and a small team (writer/director/producer), and they hold your hand through making your film.

This sounded great. I put out a call to my Facebook friends for team members. I found a friend who works as an editor, and had a friend of a friend recommended. We three met, all got along, and all liked the project. We put together an application that I thought was a shoe-in.

We were rejected.

Now, I’m no stranger to rejection…[read more]


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Open source film making with Todd Harris @ Flickr