Filmmaking 101 Part 5 – Casting & Crew & Catering, Oh My!

Filmmaking 101 is a series of articles I’m writing for Life As A Human. Please check out the full article over there.

Story Boards

Story Boards by Corey Mullins

Once upon a time I decided that it would be a really swell idea to write a series of articles on the making of my first short film. As you can see from the months that pass between each post, this didn’t turn out to be such a realistic goal. Lesson #57 – making a film of any size sucks up all available time and energy, leaving you with neither of either to put into blogging.

I’m embarrassed to see that the last update is about February. FEBRUARY! That’s practically years ago. So much has happened since then. Where to start?

Oh, I know. March. We’ll start with March.

After a few months of nos, March turned into the month of yeses.


  • You may or may not remember that as of the end of February I had found a Director of Photography (DOP), lost him, and found a potential new one. Becky Parsons was really interested in shooting Curtains for me, but was in Toronto and waiting on word from another job that would bring her to Halifax, thereby allowing her to work on my movie. It was touch and go for a while, but in late March she was finally able to confirm. WooHoo! […read more on Life As A Human]

Image Credit

Story Board Examples by Corey Mullins