Show Me The Money!

So, how classy is this? I don’t update my blog FOREVER (read: five months, which is forever in internet years). Then, when I finally sit down to form a post, the first thing I do is ask for money. Super, duper, trouper classy. I know it.

Don’t think of it as me asking for money. Think of it as me telling you about this project I’m working on. And then, if you think it sounds cool and want to be a patron of the arts, you may decide to become a donor. Or not. Whatever.

What am I talking about? Let me tell you!

Allow me to introduce you to Curtains.

Circus 1890


Curtains is a short film I wrote, based on a fantastic short comic by Matt Brossard. I am going to produce it, along with the help of co-producer Dave Mullins and director Carolyn Thomas. We think we can do this for about $3000.

Below is all sorts of information about the project, and where funds we raise will go, for those of you who are keeners.

If you are interested in making a small donation towards the project, you can check out our Indiegogo campaign. And if you wanted to share the information with your friends through your favourite social media outlets, that would be appreciated too.

Okay, on to a non-money related question. This is a test to see who has read this far down. I’m taking suggestions for things to do with my blog. As I’m no longer traveling, the travel stories are running a little dry. I don’t want to let the blog wither and die though, which it will if I don’t start watering it with blog posts. Suggestions are most welcome!

About Curtains

Curtains is the story of four old friends and former circus performers: Mae, Charlotte, Patty, and Delores. Their friendship has seen them through their careers, retirement, illnesses and the loss of their partners. Now in their later years, they still get together once a year on the anniversary of death of their dear friend Bernice. The anniversary is marked with flowers, poker, old stories, and a lot of laughter and love.

Curtains is a story that has been near and dear to my heart for many years. It’s first incarnation came from artist Matt Brossard as a short comic in The Blend in 2002. I took his story (with permission) and turned it into a short play that was read as part of Once Upon A Theatre Collective’s fundraiser in 2012.

I want to take the story even further and believe film is the way to do that. By transporting Curtains to the screen we can bring the chaotic and colourful world of these women to life. I would be honored to have your trust and support in this project.

Meet The Creative Team

Sarah Gignac (Writer and Co-Producer) has been a writer and editor over 13 years. Writing credits include My Body’s Rorschach (short story), published in Pilot Project in 2012; To Opening Night(novel), which won 3rd prize in the Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia’s Unpublished Novel Contest in August 2012; along with many travel and humour articles that have been published in the Times Colonist and on the blogging site Life As A Human.

Carolyn Thomas (Director) is a graduate of the theatre studies program at Acadia University. She quickly learned if an opportunity doesn’t present itself, you have to build it from scratch. This attitude has resulted in the production of her first two Fringe shows (2009 and 2012), an acting group for fellow theatre students at Acadia University (2009-2010), and the HalifACTS! actors’ group in Halifax, NS which she cofounded (2011). As part of the HalifACTS! actors’ group, she has worked collaboratively to create two films: The Tourists (2011) and Hatchet (2012). In 2011, she was Creative Producer for a short film Tough Girls Don’t Pull Hair which won Best Film, Best Lead Actress, and Runner-Up Best Screenplay at the Annapolis Valley Short Film Festival. She is also currently working with friends on a short documentary film project. If you are able, please help us bring Curtains to life on the big screen.

Dave Mullins (Co-Producer) A Graphic Designer since 1999, David made a change in 2004, graduating from the Screen Arts Program at the Nova Scotia Community College in 2006, David has been working in the world of Post Production. Working as an assistant editor on television shows such as Chef at Home for The Food Network Canada and Family Renovation for DIY in the US. Currently working at Ruby Tree Films as Post Production Supervisor for the I Prophesy series on Vision TV, David brings a vibrance and tons of technical expertise to his role. Believing in true collaboration, David yearns to learn everything about the film and television industry he can get his hands. “This is so I can make a whole contribution to any project. I want to help make dreams, reality. My motto ‘Let’s do this!’.”

Where Your Donations Go

We want to make a great short film on a small budget. The creative team (Sarah Gignac, Carolyn Thomas and Dave Mullins) are not taking any pay for their work, and in fact are helping fund the project from their own pocket. Your donations will help pay for:

  • Our talented actors
  • Rent camera, lighting and sound gear
  • Post production costs
  • Food for our cast and crew
  • Insurance
  • Costume and prop rentals

The perks you’ll get for supporting us!

We can offer you a variety of perks for supporting our film. Some related to the project, some seemingly random. Hey, everyone has unique talents, and we want to share ours with you! Depending on your level of support, you will enjoy such benefits as:

  • An acknowledgement in the credits as being an official film funder.
  • Collectable cards of Curtains main characters, signed by the actors.
  • An invitation to a private screening of Curtains.
  • Special, hand-made swag of some kind designed and made by the crafty creative team.
  • An invitation to a private dinner prepared with love by the creative team.

What happens if we make more than we’re asking?

We are asking for the bare minimum to make this film happen. This includes a lot of volunteer time from our crew. If we make more than what we are asking, the extra money will go towards turning our volunteers into paid crew, increasing the budget for production and post production costs, all of which will help make Curtains an even stronger film.

What happens if we make less than we’re asking?

If we don’t make our minimum donation request, we will still go forward with the film! It may take us a little longer, is all.

When will this all go down? 

That depends on how fundraising goes. We hope to shoot Curtains in the late winter/early spring of 2013, and have the final cut done by the summer.

You can check out our Indiegogo campaign to donate!