The Defective Detectives

A Comedic Web Series


Written by Sarah Gignac (

Produced by Andrea Levesque (




Series Premise: Staring down the barrel of midlife crises, tech tycoon Abigail and professional craftster Violet go overboard with their British Detective TV obsessions, and end up entangled in a real live British crime caper.

Themes: Friendship, identity, female midlife crises

Tone: Light, funny, a little campy

Location: Halifax, NS (or any Canadian city)

Format: 10 3-5 minute episodes, designed to easily combine into 2 longer form episodes

Main Characters:

Violet Kennedy (45) an Etsy tycoon who runs the family business like she’s the head of a craft cartel. When she discovers her children aren’t as thrilled with the business’s success (and demands) as she is and wants to sell, she’s devastated. If Violet’s not the head of Kennedy’s Lady Bobbles Inc, then who the hell is she?

Abigail Hackett (40s) suffers from imposters syndrome. She’s made it high in the ranks of a successful marketing and social optimization networking company without having any clue what that means or what her job is. She knows this is most people’s dream career – making lots of money while hardly lifting a finger. What’s wrong with her?

Winston Williams (30s) is a low level thug from London, England. He’s okay at crime, but ever since he found out he has a daughter, his heart just isn’t into it. Toddler Annie deserves better. So Winston tries to go straight. But first he steals £100,000 from his boss. Daddy’s little angel needs a college fund.

Series Potential: The Defective Detectives works really well as a stand-alone story – the immediate fallout of Abigail and Violet’s night of drinking and dreaming. It also has potential to be extended to a multi-season web series, or even expanded into a longer form television series.

Development Status: We are currently developing the concept and looking for funding partners.