PEI Bootcamp: My Humble Abode

Hey Internet! So, did I mention that I’m in PEI for a week? I was accepted into the PEI Screenwriters Bootcamp. Huzzah! Emerging screenwriters (IE: people with little to no experience) submit ideas for movies. If you’re selected, you join a five day intensive workshop to learn how to turn the idea into a first draft of a screenplay. Did I mention Huzzah?

Day 2 will start in 34 minutes, and my brain is already on information overload. So instead of saying more about the bootcamp, I will share pictures of my lovely accommodations at the Aloha Tourist Home. It’s a lovely creaky old building with sloping floors and dark corners to lurk in.

Aloha Tourist Home 1

Aloha Tourist Home 2

Aloha Tourist Home 3

Church Spires