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I used to blog regularly back in my travelling days – feel free to peruse the archives.


Published Short Stories:

The Day Nothing Happened (But Everything Changed) published by  The Round Up Writer’s Zine. June 2014

Savage Cut published by Empty Sink Publishing. June 2014

I Do Not Matter On The Moon published by Existere. May 2013

My Body’s Rorschach published by Pilot Project. March 2012


Life As A Human

Life As A Human

You can check out my (hopefully) humorous contributions to the wonderful new blogging site, Life As A Human. (February 2010 to Present)

Book Reviews

Theatre Reviews

More Fun Articles

Sebastian Barry – The Secret Scripture (Monday Magazine, BC – Nov 2008)Iain Banks – The Steep Approach To Garbadale (Monday Magazine,
BC – Apr 2008)Spanish Fly – Will Ferguson (Monday Magazine, BC – Nov 2007)Linda Rogers – The Empress Letters (Monday Magazine, BC– Jun 2007)Michael
Ondaatje – Divisadero
(Monday Magazine, BC – May 2007)Linda Spalding – Who Named The Knife (Monday Magazine, BC
– 2006)Danielle Schaub – Reading Writers Reading (Monday Magazine, BC – Nov

David Adams Richard – Friends Of Meager Fortune (Monday Magazine,
– Nov 2006)

Scott Griffin – My Heart Is Africa (Monday Magazine, BC
– May 2006)

Tom Robbins – Wild Ducks Flying Backwards (Monday Magazine, BC
– Feb 2006)

Gregory Maguire – Son Of A Witch (Monday Magazine, BC – Nov 2005)

Rick Steves – Best Of Europe (Monday Magazine, BC – Nov

Thomas King – A Short History Of Indians In Canada (Monday Magazine,
– Oct 2005)

Jane Urquhart – A Map Of Glass (Monday Magazine, BC
Oct 2005)

Peg Pyner – Lurking Back: East Sooke No-News (Monday Magazine, BC
– Jun 2005)

Frank Parker Day – Rockbound (Monday Magazine, BC – May

Gary Geddes – Kingdom Of Ten Thousand Things (Monday Magazine,
– Mar 2005)

Wendy French – Going Coastal (Monday Magazine, BC – Feb

David Suzuki – Tree (Monday Magazine, BC – Dec 2004

Will Ferguson – Beauty Tips From Moosejaw (Monday Magazine,
– Nov 2004)

Animal Farm – The Belfry Theatre (Monday Magazine, BC– May 2008)Good Night and Good Luck – Theatre Inconnu (Monday Magazine,
– Jun 2008)The School for Scandal – Phoenix Theatre (Monday Magazine,
– Mar 2008)Angels In America – Where’s Noonan (Monday Magazine, BC
– Oct 2007)Victoria Fringe Festival (Monday Magazine, BC – Aug 2007)The Caretaker – Theatre Inconnu – Theatre Inconnu (Monday Magazine,
– Mar 2007)Giggling Iguana – I Might Be Edgar Allan Poe (Monday Magazine, BC
– Nov 2006)

Faust Fest (Monday Magazine, BC – May 2005)

120 Songs For The Marquis De Sade – MBO (The Other Press, BC
– Mar 2002)

The Drawer Boy – Vancouver Playhouse (The Other Press, BC – Feb

King Lear – Studio 58(The Other Press, BC – Feb 2002)

Les Liaisons Dangereuses- Frederic Wood Theatre (The Other Press,
– Jan 2002)

The Dresser – Metro Theatre Centre (The Other Press, BC
– Jan 2002)

Confessions Of An Indian Cowboy – Full Circle (The Other Press, BC
– Jan 2002)

The Other – Pigeons International (The Other Press, BC
– Jan 2002)

Tinka’s New Dress – Ronnie Burkett Theatre (The Other Press,
– Dec 2001)

The Music Man – Vancouver Playhouse (The Other Press, BC – Dec

Macbeth – Prospectus Theatre (The Other Press, BC – Nov

Emphysema – Touchstone Theatre (The Other Press, BC – Nov

Lysistrata – Frederic Wood Theatre (The Other Press, BC – Nov 2001)

American Buffalo – C-me Productions (The Other Press, BC – Nov 2001)

Personal EssaysMusings Of The Recently Dumped – (Monday Magazine,BC – Dec 2008)Profiles

Growing Culture: Incubator Project mixes talent new and old (Monday Magazine,
– Mar 2006)

Slam-Off: Victoria’s Poetry Slam Scene (Monday Magazine, BC
– May 2005)

By Any Other Name: Creative non-fiction as the new literary buzzword
(Monday Magazine, BC – Mar 2005)

Interview with author Rattawut Lapcharoensap (Penguin – Feb 2005)

Triple Play: Around the world in three authors (Monday Magazine, BC
– Feb 2005)

Filmmaking With Teeth (Monday Magazine, BC – Feb 2005)

Salman Rushdie In Conversation With Timothy Taylor (The Other Press,
– Oct 2002)

(Touch Base, NS – 2002)


A Ramble In Romania (The Times Colonist, BC – Oct 2004)

News-y Things

Body Heat (Monday Magazine, BC – Jan 2007)

New Memorial (Monday Magazine, BC – Apr 2005)

Bedford library hosts YMCA’s adult conversation grougs (Touch Base,
NS– Apr 2000)*

*This artilc was my first publication! Yes, it’s rather boring. But
a girl has to start somewhere.