Feature Films

The Apartment

When the ghosts of previous tenants trap Bree in her apartment, she must solve the mystery of their deaths to escape, or risk being trapped with them forever.

Producers: No Fear Films & Picture Plant

Project Status: Currently in development with the support of Telefilm and the Nova Scotia Screenwriters Fund.

Gone Town

Three Fates have to meet and weave their creative talents together, in order to keep the world from falling apart. 

Producers: No Fear Films & Picture Plant

Project Status: Created with the support of ACFOOP’s Write Small program and currently under consideration for the Telefilm Talent to Watch Program.

Published Short Stories

The Day Nothing Happened (But Everything Changed) published by  The Round Up Writer’s Zine. June 2014

Savage Cut published by Empty Sink Publishing. June 2014

I Do Not Matter On The Moon published by Existere. May 2013

My Body’s Rorschach published by Pilot Project. March 2012

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